Down but not out

Currently I am looking for a new home for my in world store. It appears my old landlord decided to up and move without mentioning it to me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with SL this happens from time to time when renting from others. I always recommend finding a stable home on the grid – no easy task especially if you are unfamiliar with the game. Meanwhile all of the in world store links on my old blog posts and my Flickr Page will take you to where the store USED to be – so be forewarned. As soon as I get a new space I will update all of my links. Hopefully to a slightly more permanent home.

Feedback about the BioBreeds dogs has been very positive all around. The occasional bug manages to crop up but thankfully there has been nothing show stopping and everyone seems to be very pleased. Working with this team has been a good experience for me and I hope it stays on the right track without derailing. Second Life is a very unique development environment and has a great deal of tricks and caveats to be aware of. Maybe some day I’ll write a book about it. Everyone else seems to do it.

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