Charles Floyd

"Mathieu is a great animator. He is my go-to guy for all the difficult to understand or model projects. He is thorough and creative. I know I will get back more than I ask for on projects assigned to him. He loves the detailed and complex projects, and usually returns the project before the deadline.

I recommend him without reservation."

Kyle Benjamin

"Mathieu is a very talented 3D artist, and he works quickly. Matt and i were students together and co-workers after that. Matt learns quickly, and is able to easily understand and learn about new technology, such as game engines, and 3D software. He is a passionate gamer, and is a great addition to any development team."

Matt Perrett

"Mathieu is a very talented and hardworking artist and designer. One of his many strengths is his ability to pick up and learn new software. He very ably demonstrated this one quarter when he decided he wanted to build our level in the Source/Half-Life 2 engine instead of the more commonly used Unreal Tournament 2004 engine. We ended up with a solid level thanks to him, despite having very little in-class technical support (as our instructors were equally unfamiliar with Source.) I wholeheartedly recommend him for any team!"

Eric Royal

"Mathieu is a great person to work with he is self motivated and interesting character to have around the office. He is hard worker he puts his nose to the grind stone and gets his job done on time with high quality. He is good at managing his time and avoiding issues that will eat time on a project. He is a problem solver."